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Road To Recovery

Suboxone Treatment

Narcotic addiction has grown increasingly common all over the United States, and Massachusetts is no exception. If you’re suffering from narcotic addiction the team at  Advanced Pain Management Center successfully use Suboxone® to help patients safely recover from addiction.

How Does Suboxone Treatment Work?

During Suboxone treatment, patients usually visit the Advanced Pain Management Center office usually once a week so that recovery can be monitored. Once the patient begins to feel better both physically and emotionally, the dosage is then slowly but steadily tapered down until the patient is finally free of addiction cravings.

How Long Does the Treatment Program Take?

Suboxone treatment can be different for each patient. The Advanced Pain Management team believes in slow but steady progress, as this has shown the best long term results for narcotic addiction. On average, treatment usually lasts for anywhere from 18-24 months, but the program can be shorter or longer based upon the specific needs of the patient.

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