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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)


If you've been involved in a Motor Vehicle accident, Advanced Pain Management Center is here to help. We work closely with personal injury attorneys and MVA lien companies to ensure you can receive an evaluation and treatment. 

Work Related Injury (Worker's Compensation)

We specialize in the care of patients after a slip and fall injury or any type of work related injury. We will implement a treatment plan to address your pain and injury, as well as provide in-depth knowledge on other factors such as insurance claims, PIP and legal representation.

Treatment services for MVA or Worker's Comp

Treatment for chronic injuries resulting from MVA or Worker's Comp depends on the body area(s) affected. Treatment options can include: epidural steroid injection, medial branch block, radiofrequency rhizotomy, steroid injection or nerve blocks in joint areas such as knee, shoulder, and hip, trigger point injections, and much more.

If you are a personal injury attorney, it would be our pleasure to partner with you. We are Board Certified Pain Physicians, approved by the State as a registered Pain Management Facility, and are able to work on a lien basis.

We are able to schedule an initial appointment within 3 days.

Please call 781-662-2243 or email

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