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For physicians referring their valued patients to us:


Advanced Pain Management looks forward to a continued relationship with you. We are available for same day appointments. 

Please reach out at 781-662-2243 or for questions.

Fax # 781-662-4878

Faxed referrals must include:

  • Complete patient demographic information

  • Complete patient insurance information (including valid insurance referral with authorization number for HMOs)

  • The reason for the referral

  • Any supporting medical notes and images

  • Your email address for all practice referral email correspondence


APM requires referrals to the group NPI so you’re able to be seen by any of our physicians. If the group NPI cannot be referred to, then we will need referrals for each one of our physicians. 

APM Group – NPI# 1770685877

Anil Kumar MD – NPI# 1548209547 

Please have your PCP fax the referrals to *781-662-4878*

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